Education and Counseling

CHAC is now offering a site-based class at our office at 670 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204 as well as the online option. See the Homebuyer Education and Counseling dropdown. These courses provide an overview of the home buying and mortgage process. If you choose the online session, you will need to sign up for the 1/2 hour phone session once the online portion is completed. See times, dates, and information under Homebuyer Education – Phone Session Registration.

CHAC also provides Downpayment Assistance loans. Your lender must submit an application to CHAC to determine if you qualify, The above detailed Homebuyer Education online class is required. Once your application is reviewed and the loan approved, an additional class “Borrowers class session” will be required. You will receive information about your loan and documents to sign along with instructions for taking that phone class. You will not be able to close on your loan until the “Borrowers Class session” is completed.

We provide counseling for clients looking to buy, as well as those experiencing problems with their mortgage or thinking about a refinance, home equity loan, or other housing issues. For assistance please e‑mail your questions to [email protected]. Leave as much information as possible in your e-mail.

Remember: if you are taking the online Homebuyer Education Class, a follow-up phone session is required. The phone session must be taken after you have completed the class and these sessions fill up quickly. This session lasts for approximately 1/2 hour. Please call in about 10–15 minutes early to be sure your phone connection is working properly. Be sure to allow sufficient time to complete the course work and then go to Phone Session Registration to register and complete the phone session in order to obtain your class certificate before you are scheduled to close. You will receive a verification e-mail that provides the call-in number the day prior to the date you are registered for.