Grievance Policy

Customer has the right to file a grievance or complaint with Colorado Housing Assistance Corporation to meaningfully communicate problems, dissatisfaction, and concerns about unfair treatment. In order to take such action, the customer must deliver a written statement and provide detailed information and documentation which substantiates the complaint, within 30 days of the activity. The complaint must be signed and delivered to:

Michelle Mitchell
Colorado Housing Assistance Corporation
670 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, Co 80204

Within fifteen (15) working days after receipt of such complaint, the President of Colorado Housing Assistance Corporation will investigate the complaint and render a decision.

If the issue is still not resolved within the next 30 days, the participant may have the complaint referred to a committee from the Colorado Housing Assistance Corporation Board of Directors for further review. The Board Committee will respond with a written decision no more than 30 days from receipt of the continuing complaint.