Customer Service

Client Assistance for Requests and Payment Plans

Payoff Request

Please e‑mail your request to [email protected].

Please include a signed borrower’s authorization, the date you would like the payoff good through, and the e‑mail address to send the information to.

If you are the borrower and not a title company or lender, we will mail the payoff statement to your home address.

Please allow for a three to five‑day processing time.

Verification of Mortgage Request

Please e‑mail a VOM form with a signed borrower's authorization to [email protected]. Please provide an e‑mail address to submit the form back to. Allow for a 3 to 5 business day processing time.

Subordination Request

CHAC is not considering subordination requests
Last updated  6/30/2022

Short Sale Request

CHAC is currently not accepting short sale requests

Last updated 6/30/2022

Information Request by Borrower

Please send an e‑mail to [email protected], fax us at (303) 573-9214, or send a letter to CHAC (670 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204) with detailed information about what information you are looking for and authorization to share that information if you would like it sent to a third party. Information requests must come from a borrower on the loan or with a release of information form signed by a borrower on the loan. Please allow a 7‑day turnaround.

Coupon Request

We will send 12 months of payment coupons to your home address when payments are scheduled to begin. If you would like additional coupons, please contact us at [email protected] to request additional coupons.

Coupons are not required. If you are sending us a check or money order please include your loan number on the check or be sure that the address and/or name match your account. This will help us to ensure that your payment is applied to the correct account.

If your payment is made through a bank or other bill‑payment service please be sure your name, the loan number, and property address are provided with the payment.

We do not accept credit card or cash payments. We do not accept electronic payments. However, if you would like for your bank to send us a check automatically, you are welcome to set up that payment with your bank or credit union.

Please mail all payments to:

CHAC 670 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204