For questions or concerns:

Please call CHAC at 303-572-9445 or email us at We are happy to be of assistance.

To protect your privacy:

CHAC staff is limited regarding the information we can provide on the phone and we will ask specific questions before we provide any information.  You are always welcome to send a written request via email, fax, or mail with a borrowers signature and we will respond in a timely manner.  If you need information provided to a third party please specify.

CHAC will provide a statement of all payments made at the end of January each year.  In addition you will receive a Verification of Residency Form periodically.  CHAC loans are due in full if your home is no longer your primary residence.  If for any reason (job change, divorce, illness) you will no longer be residing in the property please notify CHAC. If you need information or have questions about your account please send an e-mail to or a request in writing to CHAC at 670 Santa Fe Drive Denver, CO 80204.