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Registration for the on‑site class is below.
If your registration does not go through, please call (303) 572-9445, and Elizabeth at the front desk will help you get registered.

Registration for the 1/2 hour phone session is below.
Sessions are daily but limited in size. Please remember you must have completed your online course before completing the phone session. Once you have registered, you will receive an e‑mail letting you know you reservation went through. We will not call you. You must call to join the session. You will receive the call in information in the reminder e-mail the day prior to the class. If you do not see the e‑mail please be sure to check your junk and spam folders. Please e‑mail if no e‑mail is received. You will receive your certificate once this session is completed. Please allow time for that process to complete. You should receive your certificate within 24 hours.

Online Class

Note: To clients receiving a CHAC Downpayment Assistance Loan. Clients receiving a CHAC Downpayment Assistance Loan must also take the “Borrowers Counseling Session”. This phone session will be set up once your loan with CHAC is approved. Once you have completed the Homebuyer Education class, had an application from your lender submitted to CHAC and approved, you will be provided with additional information in order to complete this session. This class is in addition to the online education course and provides specific details of the loan you will be receiving as well as documents to be submitted.