Q: How do I apply for CHAC and how do I get started?

A: Attend one of the first time home buyer classes we offer. On the website go to education and counseling then click class schedule. You will see the dates, times, and locations of where the classes are offered. You can register for the class then.

Q: Does CHAC provide rental assistance?

A: CHAC does not provide rental assistance. Please contact 211 (United Way of Denver) so they can direct you.

Q: How long does it take to close a CHAC loan?

A: It is best to allow 3 weeks for a closing with CHAC

Q: Do lenders have to be certified to submit a CHAC loan?

A: No, lenders do not have to be certified to submit a CHAC loan, however we do offer FREE lender/realtor training the second Wednesday of every month. Please call our office at 303-572-9445 x10 to register.

Q: I am behind on my mortgage payments I need help getting caught up.

A: We provide free counseling services to help identify your options and guide you.

Q: Are the income limit guidelines the same for the disability program?

A: No, please call CHAC for the income limits on a disability loan. They vary by property, location, and family size.

Q: How does someone become certified to the Lead Based Paint Visual Inspection?

A: On our website go to financial assistance, lender forms, and click on HUD lead based paint training for the certification training.

Q: Can a client submit a request for down payment/closing cost assistance without a contract?

A: No, you must be under contract so we can get the location.

Q: I don’t want to sign any forms, I just want to meet with a housing counselor to discuss my mortgage concerns, is this appropriate?

A: If a borrower is going to meet with our HUD approved counselor, they need to complete the HUD required intake packet, so our housing counselor has the correct information and disclosures signed to establish a proper file and proceed with assistance.