If you can answer yes to all of the following criteria, you MAY be eligible to receive assistance with making your mortgage payments.

minimum qualification requirements are:
• You must own a home in the City and County of Denver
• Live in that home as your primary residence
• And are facing a financial hardship affecting your ability to pay
your mortgage, due to the impacts of the Coronavirus public health
• Low to moderate income limits will apply
If you answered yes to the above questions and would like more details about this program and an application to fill out and submit please email TMAP2@CHAConline.org with your contact information. Please provide you name, address, phone #, and e-mail address as well as the best way to reach you and provide additional information and an application. 
If you answered no to any of these requirements, you would not qualify for this program, however, other programs may be available to you. Contact United Ways Help Line (211) for additional information about programs that might assist you.