COLORADO HOUSING ASSISTANCE CORPORATION, (CHAC), is a HUD Certified Counseling agency that provides free counseling services for homeowners who are struggling to make mortgage payments, are in foreclosure, or believe that they may become delinquent soon.

Where to Begin

Contact one of our housing counselors and schedule an appointment by calling 303.572.9445.

What to Expect in the Appointment

  • The counselor will explain and discuss all loss mitigation options available to you
  • The counselor will review the Foreclosure Process and timeline with you.
  • The counselor will work as your advocate with your lender/servicer.
  • The counselor will provide appropriate referrals and other resources.

What You Will Need for the Appointment

  • Intake Packet (completed)
  • Supporting documentation—please bring copies we can keep: proof of income, bank statements, credit report (if you have one), budget, and any other relevant information. You can discuss specifics when you make the appointment with your counselor.